Beth Neville

American Artist

Floral Etchings

As a sophomore at Smith College I took a Horticulture class with Mr. Campbell, director of Lyman green house. One class was in “flower arranging” for which he purchased flowers. What a treat for me! I plunged in and did a “farm arrangement” and it was successful. My most successful and sure floral images come when I take the metal plate outdoors into my gardens and draw directly into the warm wax with a stylus. Blue Bells and Snow Peas, Morning Glory Vine series, Day Lily, French Lily Tulips, etc. were all drawn in this manner from flowers I grew myself. My etching teacher, Donn Steward, helped me work out the intricate inking and Chine collé printing processes. The prints, made on Dutch etching paper, some hand tinted with acrylic paint washes, are the most successful works I have made (from a sales standpoint).

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Note: the works presented here are originals, not reproductions. They are available for sale or exhibition.